Eadie Bros & Co Ltd is owned by Brian and Fiona Eadie and in the minority, our son Gregor.

We thought we had retired, having sold Roxan Developments Ltd to Datamars SA in 2016. However after a spell of 2 years keeping active by offering support to the new owners on a variety of Livestock ID topics, I have reverted to working on ideas of my own which do not conflict with their business, but which use as much of my 49 years experience in product design and manufacture as possible.

Who knows where it will lead – although Gregor has come up with a very interesting new consumer product which we are developing together. It’s available on our own www.myclubtags.net website and on www.keysieco.com.

My daughter Bex still leads the accounts team at our old Company still in Selkirk, Datamars (Agri) UK Ltd, and my oldest son Jonathan has a thriving business of his own as a traditional Artist Blacksmith www.belltrees.co.uk.

Now, at the start of 2020, I have also begun on a path back to farming, working with Professor Vince Molony, world animal pain expert, and Brian Falconer, self employed multi disciplinary Design Engineer from The Scottish Borders. My brother Peter is assisting on engineering sourcing and raw material choices. We intend, with ClampEasy, to offer painless Tailing and Castration for all ages of Lamb, hopefully launching at least for extensive trialing in the 2020 UK lambing season.

My non-compete promise will be over at the end of September 2021.


I have Solid Works as 3D Modelling software tools, and an Up Box 3D Printer as hardware, so ideas can be tried and tested before a final commitment is made to produce. I also use Alphacam to program an 8 tool-change XYZ 2-Op CNC Mill, and a small Denford CNC milling machine to make mould tools for 2 x Boy Automatic Moulding machines and a hand operated Travin moulder. We can therefore try genuine pre-production products and produce in high volume once products are commercially approved. We have also bought some very capable laser engraving and cutting machine’s from Datalogic, Rofin and Gravograph.  Engraving and cutting of plastics and wood is a useful resource. We can also full-colour print using Dye Sublimation on cylindrical items such as drinking bottles or mugs or flat A3 max size products. Dye sublimation is a scratch free dyed surface and with most impressive performance features and limitless colour printing potential.

Brian Eadie February 2020