ClampEASY progress Feb20:2020

As very quick and clear evidence of the benefits of our ClampEASY system, the lamb arriving has just had two rings fitted, and is joining the lamb that has just, a couple of minutes earlier, had our ClampEasy treatment. This clip is a short extract from a film that gets far worse for the new lamb as the pain continues. Only after 2 hours the nerves die and it will behave like ‘our’ lamb has done from the start. It’s nerves had been put out of action immediately and it was effectively anaesthetised on application of our Clamp.

The applicator for release to selected volunteering farms is taking shape, and we are working on a ClampMan – manual tool for general release. Please feel free to complete the contact form if you are interested in trialing the system.

Thanks, Brian Eadie End Feb 2020



We have been developing this alternative to ‘ringing’ since March 2019

We have massively de-skilled, and modernised the well known (but less often used) system of castrating and tailing lambs up to 3 months (in the UK) known as Clamping.

ClampEASY does what it says – makes Clamping easy – and reduces the need for skills any greater than those needed for ringing. Whilst it can be seen as a modernised side-crusher (as the Americans call it) it also effectively combines what was once called the combined method – use of a Burdizzo and then a Ring – into one simple Clamp applied across the tail or across the whole neck of the scrotum. Crucially, the Clamp remains on the animal like a ring. It is bio-degradable and contains anti-bacterial additives and that recipe will be refined as we develop.

It offers pain relief which is Forever, Immediate, and Total – It is FIT for purpose and will be available next lambing season, if all goes well.

Brian Eadie

November 2019


Roxan Developments Ltd of Selkirk, Scotland, which was owned by Brian Eadie and his wife, was sold in October 2016 to Datamars SA in Switzerland. Datamars Agri (UK) Ltd now operates from Pheasant Mill, with the Eadies as Landord.

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