QRMeds-LogoQRMeds (as in QR-code, QR stands for Quick Response) is the Product line name we have chosen to describe a small range of safety associated products.

The emergency created by the Worldwide Coronavirus pandemic revealed a massive shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and we followed the lead of voluntary organisations who were calling out for help.

In fact we were probably one of if not the first to invest in injection moulding tooling for Visors producing 3000/day832eec7f-4140-428c-ba6a-ec5adb6a8d0c 1

We helped voluntary organisations as well as commercial PPE suppliers to contribute to the demand, manufacturing 50,000 visors in the first few weeks of setting up the first moulding tool. Other tools followed and we are now (May 2020) in process of getting CE approval for the latest design.

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