Eadie Bros & Co Ltd was the name of the family firm founded by Peter Eadie and his brothers, James and Robert, in 1871. It produced engineered consumable components for the textile (spinning) industry, and survived more than 100 years before being sold to an overseas competitor who changed its name. I decided to revive the name for old time’s sake in 2017, and use the original sign from outside the factory in Paisley on my own new Workshop/Office in Selkirk.


The Original Eadie Bros & Co Ltd employed around 600 people in Paisley when I was there in the 1970’s, but as the Textile Industry left the UK, employee numbers dwindled down to 200. The Engineering skills employed in our manufacturing plant could not have been more diverse, from Precision Toolroom to Forging, Heat Treatment to Metal Finishing and Plating, Wire Forming to CNC and Multi Spindle Lathes, Metalurgical Laboratories to Drawing Offices. It was a great grounding for me and so many young Engineers in those days.

This Eadie Bros & Co Ltd has very little to do with the textile Industry, although we do injection mould bobbin end-caps for some Mills, but it encompasses two or three industries and activities, and we are still in search of the next bigger scale project.